Student Democracy


ML cares very much about democratic values. Not only is democracy in the broad context of society discussed in classes, but students are also encouraged to seize the democratic opportunities in their everyday school lives.

Once a month every class has the right to convert one educational lesson into a “homeroom lesson” in which school or class related matters can be discussed. Through representatives, the classes’ opinions are communicated to the student council, and the student council again has a committee that regularly meets with teacher representatives to exchange views on current issues concerning the school. A representative of the student council is also invited to participate in the teachers’ meetings.

At regular intervals, the students in every class are given the opportunity to assess their teaching in each subject. In this way they can influence teaching methods/practice as well as be compelled to reflect upon their own commitment and learning process.

Through debates within the class, the student council, a virtual debating conference, and from the assembly lectern everybody has the opportunity to express his/her opinions on all sorts of matters. In this way students at ML have a real opportunity to exert influence on their everyday lives at school.