The headmaster of ML is Torben Jakobsen who is ultimately responsible for the school’s teaching and exams, the students’ participation in the decision-making process at the school, and the opportunities students’ have to enhance the quality of their lives while they are at ML.

The board of governors of ML allots the budget of the school, decides the number of students in classes, the range of subjects, the school holidays, regulations, and they contribute to the cooperation between the school, the students’ homes, and the local community. Since January, 2007 the board of governors has had the ultimate responsibility for the decision-making process a self-governing institution, which is, however, still bound by the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

The parents’ association is an important link between the students’ homes and their school. In addition, the association sponsors evenings with cultural events or lectures, and it is also able to help students who need financial support in connection with field trips.

The student council consists of representatives from each homeroom, and it gives advice and expresses its opinions on current matters at the school.

The teachers’ council consists of the headmaster, all the teachers at ML and representatives from the student council. The teachers’ council gives advice to the headmaster.