In The Course Of The Year


Introductory Days for New Students
A new year of school begins in the middle of August. New students are received by a group of older students who show each class around the school, give them relevant general information, and are in charge of various get-to-know-each-other activities. The new students also encounter their subjects and teachers right from the beginning.

Annual School Party
On a Friday in September, students and teachers socialize. Before and after enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many fancy restaurants offered by 2nd year students different sorts of entertainment take place all over the school. After a good meal and entertainment, everybody gathers in the assembly hall to dance to live music.

Former Students’ Party
On the Friday before the autumn break in October, former students have the opportunity to meet and party at ML. This is an old tradition which enables the former students to share memories with old school friends.

Autumn break in week 42

In December all music classes perform a Christmas concert consisting of traditional carols as well as parts of demanding choir works and modern vocal and instrumental pieces. One of the two concerts takes place during school hours at St. Knud’s Cathedral and is intended for all the students and teachers. Parents, friends, and the local community are invited to the other concert which takes place at the Vollsmose Church on another evening in December.

Christmas break lasts for a fortnight covering both Christmas and New Year’s. The Christmas break is always started with a common breaking-up-for-Christmas celebration in the assembly hall.

Mulerne’s Song Contest
In February the students who have music classes, compete against each other in the very famous  “Mulerne´s Song Contest”. The winners take it all and the losers drown their sorrows in a quiet pint.

Winter break in week 8

Mid-term Exams
Written mid-term-exams take place in early March. These exams do not have any official status but merely serve as practice for the official end-of-term exams

Easter break is in the week prior to Easter

End of Term/Exams:
Early May: 3rd year STX students and 2nd year HF students celebrate their last regular school day by having breakfast with their teachers, mocking younger students over their having to go to school, and performing sketches in which poke fun at especially teachers, which greatly amuses the audience.

The happy last-day-of-school celebration is immediately succeeded by a serious period of exams, which lasts for approximately 1 ½ months. First come the written and then the oral exams. The time in between the oral exams is spent on studying.

From Monday to Wednesday in week 25, the 3rd year STX and the 2nd year HF students pass their final exams, and the school gradually fills with gay and relieved youngsters wearing the traditional white undergraduates’ caps.

Prom Night
Once all graduating students have completed their exams, they celebrate their graduation with a big prom night at the school. The young men and women are dressed in formal elegance, and their arrival is usually spectacular and inventive. After having had a three-course dinner with their teachers, all the fancy dresses are shown to their best advantage in the French dance “les lanciers.” “Les lanciers” is followed by more casual dancing to live music.

Graduation Ceremony
On the Friday before the summer holidays, the graduating students receive their diplomas in a solemn ceremony in the assembly hall at ML witnessed by their parents and teachers as well as younger students. The headmaster, the head of the board of governors, and a graduating student give speeches, and worthy students are awarded grants.