Education STX


If students choose the STX, they can choose their major subjects from the three faculties: Natural Sciences, Social Science and Humanities. In that way they are able to pick among educational alternatives that come closest to their main interests.

Here are some of the alternatives which students may opt for at ML:

1. Music (level A) – English (level A) – Mathematics (level B)
2. English (level A) – Spanish (beginner course, level A)
3. English (level A) – German (continuation course, level A) – Social Studies (level B)

Social Science:
1. Social Studies (level A) – Mathematics (level B) – Media Studies (level B)
2. English (level A) – Social Studies (level B) – Media Studies (level B)
3. Social Studies (level A) – English (level A) – Mathematics (level B)

Natural Science:
1. Mathematics (level A) – Physics (level B) – Chemistry (level B)
2. Biology (level A) – Mathematics (level B) – Social Studies (level B)
3. Mathematics (level A) – Chemistry (level B) – Biology (level B)
4. Biology (level A) – Mathematics (level A)- Physical Education (level B)

Compulsory Subjects

The following subjects are compulsory for all students irrespective of their major subjects (the level in brackets indicates the compulsory minimum level):

Danish (level A)
Basic Course in Natural Sciences (cross disciplinary subject)
Classical Studies (level C)
English (level B)
General Linguistics (cross disciplinary subject)
General Studies (cross disciplinary project work)
History (level A)
Mathematics (level C)
Physical Education (level C)
Physics (level C)
Religion (level C)
Social Studies (level C)

Besides English, which is the first foreign language for all students, each student has to choose one of the following languages:

French (continuation course level B or beginner course level A)
German (continuation course level B or beginner course level A)
Italian (beginner course level A)
Spanish (beginner course level A)

The natural sciences vary from class to class; as a minimum each class has two of the following three subjects: Biology, Chemistry or Geography (all level C)

Moreover all students have one of the following artistic subjects: Drama, Media Studies,
Music or Visual arts (level C)

Depending on the chosen levels of major subjects and 2nd foreign languages, students have between 2 and 4 elective subjects as well. These may be higher levels of the above-mentioned required subjects or courses chosen from the following electives:

Business Finance
Computer Science
Media Studies
Visual Arts


To receive a “studentereksamen” (Upper Secondary School Diploma), each student has to take at least 10 exams during his/her 3 years of upper-secondary education as well as write a project in their major subjects. Most exams will take place after the 3rd year and will be a combination of written and oral exams with a majority of the latter.

A Danish “studentereksamen” qualifies for studies at universities and other institutions of higher learning.