Education HF


Compared to Stx, HF has fewer compulsory subjects and a larger range of electives.

Compulsory Subjects
Artistic subject (Visual Arts, Drama, Media Studies or Music)
Cultural- and Social Studies (cross disciplinary subject consisting of History, Religion and Social Studies)
Danish (level A)
English (level B)
Mathematics (level C)
Natural Sciences (cross disciplinary subject consisting of Biology, Chemistry, Geography)
Physical Education (level C)

Like STX students, HF students can either upgrade their compulsory levels or choose electives. Since they only have 3 compulsory subjects during their 2nd year (Danish, English, Cultural and Social Studies), they have a greater opportunity to choose electives than STX students. The elective that HF students can choose from are:
Business Economy
Computer Science
German (continuation course level C/B)
Media Studies
Spanish (beginner course level B)
Visual Arts


Compared to STX students, HF students are not assessed regularly during the course of the school year. Therefore HF-students have to complete all their subjects with an exam in order to gain a full “HF-eksamen”. In Danish, English and Mathematics there are both written and oral exams whereas exams in all other subjects are oral.

Like a “studentereksamen”, a Danish “HF-eksamen” qualifies graduates for studies at universities and other institutions of higher learning, but in practice HF-students mostly apply for middle-range educations.