Brief History


The school was founded by the Mule family in 1720, hence the name. The original aim of the school was to provide education and diplomas for needy Odense boys. This was made possible by a number of scholarships for gifted boys from families of limited means.
Girls were not admitted to the school until 1962 when the “realskole” (secondary school) was extended with a “gymnasium”-branch (upper secondary school -STX).

The steep increase in the number of new students in the years to follow called for more room, and in 1968 the school moved from its buildings near the town centre to new and more spacious buildings in Vollsmose where it is still located. In the same year an alternative to the STX was launched: the higher preparatory examination (HF), which was intended for students who had been away from the educational system for some years.

In 2002, the school building from 1968 was renovated and extended with a new administration and staff wing, new science classrooms, a new music and media house and a sports centre. A new wing with a modern science center was opened in 2012.

ML was a originally a privately endowed school which provided scholarships (in Danish: legatskole). After some time ML became a public high school, but at present, it has, like most other upper secondary schools in Denmark, converted from public administration.

Now, ML is run by its own board of governors, while still being publically funded. In 2010 we bought all the school buildings of the state and ML is financially independent.

As the school still has a certain endowment at its disposal, worthy students are awarded substantial monetary prizes at the end of each school year. For this reason the school has kept its historical name: Mulernes Legatskole.