After School Activities


ML offers many spare time activities. Even though lessons and homework are the backbone of the school as an institution, students may find other ways to express themselves in these creative and enjoyable activities. Some examples of such activities are listed below.

Every second year, ML stages a high quality musical which involves a lot of students. The performance is supported by a cooperative team of students and teachers and everyone involved is very committed. The whole school looks forward to the premiere of the play where hard work and talent are displayed to parents, friends, and visitors from the local area. The performances are usually followed by a big party for the participating students and teachers.

Friday bar
Six times throughout the school year, the students create a “Thank God, It’s Friday” bar with its own theme. The happening takes place in the afternoon, and many students enjoy relaxing while socializing. The Friday-bar team consisting of volunteer students is in charge of the happening.

Mulerparties are another story. They are famous, hilarious and notorious. The parties take place 5-6 times each year, and they have to be experienced. Behind the success of these parties is Carnifex, which is a team of very committed volunteer and students who are responsible for the budget and the hard work.

Sports and Arts
A lot of different creative subjects and sports, e.g. football, volley, visual arts, drama and classical and rhythmic music attract participants during the school year. In that way creative and physically active students are able to find time for their hobbies while making new friends at ML.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International has a chapter for young people at ML. The group meets once a week, and everybody interested in human rights and the work of Amnesty International is welcome.

Muler Update – News
ML has an online newspaper called Muler Update. The staff consists of two teachers and 6 student journalists who cover school events, stories, and educational issues relevant to ML.

Film Club
Students with an enthusiastic interest in films have formed a film club, which meets regularly in the ML’s high tech media house to watch films and discuss them afterwards. All students are invited to participate.